These Are the 9 Best PPC Management Companies from 2021

Advertising is the best way to reach out to your audience to advance your outreach. You can only reach your target audience and launch your brand with the right PPC campaign. A good PPC company will get you the traffic and boost your revenue.

There are several things to look for when choosing the best PPC management company. Some of the things that set the PPC companies apart are the reputation, pricing, methodology, and approach.

This article outlines nine top PPC management companies with the outlined features. Read through each of them to choose the one that matches your business needs and style.


1. SearchWise Media

SearchWise Media

SearchWise Media is a digital marketing agency focusing on small and medium-sized businesses. They have only been in business for about 5 years, but have made a name for themselves in this industry! The founders also are not new to the digital marketing industry – prior to founding SearchWise, their team had a squeaky clean track record with a combined 25 years of experience delivering top notch results for clients across the US and Canada.

Apart from being one of the best pay per click management, hands down, SearchWise also specializes in social media marketing and lead generation for many industries. The SearchWise PPC approach focuses on lowering cost per click for campaigns, creating highly engaging ad copy in multiple formats, and delivering on expected outcomes.


2. Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel Digital focuses on multi-channel PPC campaigns. The company assures you of profitability and strategic campaigns that get to the exact place where your audience is. The campaign focuses on convincing your audience to make that purchase decision.

Neil Patel has a history of working with the likes of GM, Intuit, and Facebook. The company has enough confidence to say that these big companies have made a lot of profit using the data-driven approach.


3. WebFX PPC Management Company


WebFX is another wonderful digital management company. It has partnered with big names like Facebook, Google, and Salesforce. The company has a history of helping a host of businesses earn more leads and improve their revenue.

This is the PPC company to work for if you want to gain that coveted advantage over your competitors. WebFX focuses on everything digital from PPC, web design, social, to marketplaces. It prides itself on having helped more than 500 companies generate over $2 billion in revenue.


4.  Loud Mouth Media

If your business is looking for a PPC company focusing on video, shopping, search, and display, Loud Mouth Media is the company to go for. The company prides itself on the ability to fully understand the client’s needs with its strategy and in-depth research.

In Loud Mouth Media, your business is guaranteed collaboration and the best marketing approach. The company is dedicated to transparency, accountability, and measurable results. Customers attest to their transparency and willingness to explain all marketing concepts clearly.


5. Rocket Clicks

Just like the name suggests, Rocket Clicks is the closest you get to get those clicks you’ve long desired. This PPC and SEO agency is the only gap between you and getting the long term growth of your company. 

The company equips your business with project management techniques and deep knowledge that sees you grow to the top. If you need additional work outside Rocket Clicks scope, you should not worry because it’s ready to recommend the best vendors in the industry.


6. SmartSites PPC Management Company

The award-winning marketing agency focuses on both SEO and PPC. The founders of SmartSites are brothers with a deep passion for everything digital. Your business needs the kind of dedication and hard work these brothers put in their work to see it grow.

Partnering with SmartSites for your PPC guarantees increased traffic, more sales, and a surge in the number of customers. It doesn’t matter the size of your business because SmartSites cover all.


7. Direct Online Marketing

Direct Online Marketing is an American-based agency with remarkable years of experience in the industry. The company focuses on creating the best PPC marketing that will see your business grow online with confidence. Since 2006, the business has focused on delivering results.

Direct Online Marketing offers solutions to your business in various online fields of your desire. It focuses on SEO, PPC, social media advertising, marketing analytics, etc. Choose Direct Online Marketing and work with the best pay per click management company in the industry.


8. Directive Consulting


Directive Consulting is another top PPC management company that focuses on SaaS, B2B, and enterprise businesses. If your business is in any of these categories, then you’re in the right hands with Directive Consulting.

The company has a good reputation for helping software companies achieve high ROI campaigns. It works with one of the best teams dedicated to ensuring your business gets nothing but the best results. The company takes pride in the predictability of their results. 

Working with Directive Consulting will see your business increase its lead generation within a short time. It will also reduce the cost-per-lead by a huge margin. You can rest easy once you partner with this company because you’ll be in the best hands.


9. Disruptive Advertising

With Disruptive Advertising, you’re guaranteed that your business is in the right hands. The company will provide your business with a client-based approach and collaborative efforts. The company is dedicated to understanding your business goals and creates a matching marketing strategy.

They use three prolonged approaches for their services. They conduct analysis, relocating wasted marketing expenses, and scale marketing results. All these are geared towards determining the performance of each marketing channel and achieving your business goals.

The company mostly focuses on e-commerce but also stretches across industries to deliver the best services. You’ll never regret working with Disruptive Advertising.


There Is a Lot to Choosing a PPC Agency

These are some of the best PPC companies that your business can employ to improve its advertising efforts. However, you must understand that not all the companies outlined above will work for your business. 

Choose a PPC management company based on your business needs and goals. Understand that every company is unique in its own ways; hence PPC companies don’t fit just any business.

If you want help finding the best PPC management company that will suit your business needs, Best SEO Listings will gladly be at your service! Contact us today, and let’s get you the help you deserve!


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