Pay Per Click: The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Advertising

Online marketing is blowing up into one of the most significant ways of growing a brand or company. Along with Search Engine Optimization, it is the most popular mode of online advertising. Unlike SEO, however, PPC isn’t an organic form of marketing. It is a paid model, and the advertiser must pay a specific fee every time the ad is clicked. Whenever someone searches with a keyword that is related to the advertised business, the ad will appear at the top of the Google results page. If the ad is clicked, then Google is paid a certain amount.

Here are some of the Perks of PPC:

  1. Immediate Results

PPC is fast. Unlike SEO, which PPC as an Alternative to Traditional Forms of Advertisinggenerally grows in an organic way and can sometimes take months or even up to a year to see results, PPC is immediate. The advertisement will be seen by thousands of people looking for a particular service or product. It provides instant gratification, and also brings results from the get-go.

  1. PPC Provides a First Look Opportunity

Most shoppers tend to buy the first thing that matches with their requirements. This is precisely why retail stores tend to keep particular products right at the entrance. With PPC, you are paying to be the first ad (solution) in the eyes of your potential customers. There is a much higher chance of your traffic converting into sales. In fact, it has been shown that paid clicks are two times that of organic ones.

  1. PPC Advertising Is Targeted

Unlike traditional forms of advertisement such as, billboard advertisements, commercials and direct mail, which are put up for the general public, PPC is super targeted at a specific demographic. It can automatically pull in customers since the company has exactly what the potential customer is looking for. Making sure your ad reaches your exact demographic can save you time and lots of money.

  1. Improve Website Traffic

Hundreds or thousands of clicks will be directed to your website. This can significantly boost your rankings, and also improve your SEO. Because PPC allows you to get very specific with targeting, you know that your visitors are highly interested in your products or services. You might even be able to see an increase in some other products that these customers would have seen on the website, depending on your interlinking structure and how strong your call-to-actions are.

  1. PPC is most effective for Increasing Sales

With the widespread use and the potential reach of the Internet, PPC is quickly rising to become one of the top choices for business owners across all sectors. It increases leads and sales and will significantly drive up revenue if done correctly. Spending a couple thousand dollars on PPC every year has the potential to generate multiple thousands of dollars in revenue.

  1. Easily Measurable

With all PPC providers giving sufficient analytics about keywords that work and those that don’t, it is possible to track the returns easily. This can allow the business owner to find out where exactly which keywords, demographics, products or services that generate the most profits and focus on those avenues with renewed energy. Metrics can significantly help make decisions on various advertising campaigns.

  1. Control

One can control exactly what to spend on PPC advertising. Spend too little, and you will not see sufficient conversions. Spending too much might outweigh the profits generated. Finding the sweet spot to focus on is crucial. Several PPC management services exist and can be used to avoid spending money unnecessarily and also help get more sales.

  1. Pay only for leads

A great thing about PPC is that a business only has to pay when a potential customer clicks on the ad. Let’s say that the ad reached 20,000 people, but none of them clicked on it. You would not have to pay a dime. While this may indicate that your advertising strategy isn’t effective or your ad needs improved copywriting, you still didn’t lose money over it, at least not directly.

  1. Testing

With PPC, you have the freedom to test out two different keywords and advertisements to see which performs better. You must attempt to find the combination, which works well and generates the most profit. After a brief testing period, and once you find out exactly what works for you, you can make the advertising campaign very specific.

Here are some of the best practices to ensure that your PPC campaign gets maximum leads and revenue:

  1. Using Single Keyword Groups

9 Critical Steps of the PPC ProcessGoogle recommends the use of about 15 to 20 keywords per ad group. This isn’t something that can be universally applied. Ideally, just a single keyword must be used per ad group. Such a strategy must be implemented to the keyword that you expect to get the most amount of traffic. Once you have ran a single keyword for an allotted period of time, you can quickly tell if it is profitable or not.

  1. Using Negative Keywords

Often overlooked, a negative keyword is one that you don’t want to target. It will tell Google that you don’t want the campaign to show up for specific keywords. This is very important since you will not have to waste resources by displaying the ad for unrelated searches, which saves your advertising dollars.

  1. Improved Quality and Experience of Landing Page

To ensure that your PPC campaign is maximized, you will have to ensure that the customer feels like purchasing your product or using your service when they reach the landing page of your website. A poorly designed page is guaranteed to affect the conversion rates negatively. Seeing a well-designed and comprehensive webpage will leave a good impression, and will also ensure that they return for future needs. With PPC, you can quickly tell if your landing page is converting well or not. Using any other form of marketing, would take months to find out if your landing page is converting.

  1. Make your Ads Personal With a Strong CTA’s

The best way to attract customers is to add a tinge of familiarity and personalization in the ad. You are more likely to read an email that is directly addressing you by name, rather than the one with a generic greeting. Similarly, PPC ads must tell customers about what’s in it for them. That is the best way to catch their attention.

  1. Retargeting

Previous customers must be retargeted every couple of years or so. Cookies are generally used to be able to keep track of users. It is perhaps the most effective way of marketing and a way to really stretch your advertising dollars. You might have noticed that the item you were looking at on an e-commerce website is being advertised on other sites. In fact, the numbers show that 70% of people are more likely to convert with retargeting.

PPC is an excellent way to target potential clients and get leads. Online advertising is slowly replacing other forms of advertising due to their higher conversions and cheaper costs. SEO and PPC are expected to be the future of marketing.

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