SEO Updates in 2022 – A Brief Overview

Introduction Pay per click (PPC) is one of the most popular and effective SEO techniques that is practiced globally by big corporations as well as local business owners.  It is a continuously evolving marketing practice that will make changes based on, what the end user is searching for. That’s why even the most expert SEO professionals have to constantly adjust their strategies and tools depending on the shifting SEO practices. 2017 was a very popular […]


Pay Per Click: The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Advertising

Online marketing is blowing up into one of the most significant ways of growing a brand or company. Along with Search Engine Optimization, it is the most popular mode of online advertising. Unlike SEO, however, PPC isn’t an organic form of marketing. It is a paid model, and the advertiser must pay a specific fee every time the ad is clicked. Whenever someone searches with a keyword that is related to the advertised business, the […]