Best Web Design Strategies for 2023

The Best Web Design Strategy For Your Business

As a web designer, you understand that the website you conceptualize and ultimately deliver often serves as the first impression for the business or brand, when it comes to potential clients and customers. Therefore, creating an effective design with lasting effects is paramount! Perhaps even tantamount. JK. We just wanted to use that word. But we digress…

Service-based businesses must design websites that are user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. Ecommerce brands should follow suit by having a distinct theme, product descriptions that reflect your brand’s personality, and precise messaging in order to attract buyers.

1. Keep It Simple

A straightforward website design is an effective strategy for any business. Let’s not get crazy with the clutter – better to be clean, simple, and focused on your conversion goals (what you want people to do once they hit your site). It makes it simple for visitors to locate information and quickly make a determination whether or not they want to work with you.

It is especially critical for service-based businesses and ecommerce brands. For instance, if you sell products online, providing a user-friendly checkout experience is an essential best practice to guarantee they don’t leave your site without purchasing.

2. Focus on the Core

When it comes to business, keeping things simple can often be the key to success. It helps you stay focused on what matters most and allows for faster delivery of tasks.

Furthermore, having an online presence helps you communicate more effectively and build a recognizable brand for your company. Through increased website reach to customers and search engines alike, you’ll be able to expand the scope of your business operations in the process.

3. Don’t Overdo It

When designing websites, it’s essential not to overcomplicate things. Too many elements can overwhelm users and cause cognitive load to surge, leading to confusion or frustration.

Therefore, the ideal web design strategy incorporates common design elements users expect on a page. Doing so makes your site easy to use and familiar for visitors, leading to an enjoyable user experience.

4. Make It Mobile-Friendly

If you want your website to appeal to more users, it must be mobile-friendly. This is essential since almost six out of ten people access information online through their phones.

Furthermore, mobile-first indexing can improve your site’s SEO ranking and boost conversion rates. Google recently implemented a mobile-first algorithm that prioritizes responsive sites and discourages duplicate content across desktop and mobile platforms.

5. Make It Easy to Navigate

Websites that are easy to use have a major effect on their web traffic, conversion rate and SEO ranking. Furthermore, websites with an intuitive design make for an excellent first impression and set the stage for the entire site experience.

Many websites prefer a horizontal bar that lists the most popular pages side by side and is placed in the website header. This scalable design makes navigating the site much simpler for both mobile and desktop users alike – providing an accessible navigation experience.

6. Make It Responsive

Responsive design is an integral component of any modern web strategy. It enables your target audience to access information from anywhere, at anytime.

Additionally, mobile-friendliness helps with SEO and can improve your rankings on search engines like Google. Google in particular gives preference to websites that are optimized for mobile use.

7. Make It Memorable

A memorable website is an integral component of your digital marketing strategy. It’s the first impression your business makes on potential customers and helps establish credibility for your brand.

Create an engaging website using proven UX best practices that cater to the needs of your users and keep them coming back for more. Whether designing a computer game site for younger audiences or writing a serious business journal for older and less tech-savvy visitors, your web design should reflect who your target market is.

8. Make It Easy to Buy

Shopping online is a convenient way to locate items you need and buy them quickly. We all know this. Duh, right. But often businesses forget the basics. Is the saying “you can’t see the forest through the trees”. Hmmm…I think in this case we’re trying to look closer at the trees because people overlook them – remember, if you sell on-line, make it easy peazy, ecomm squeazy for people to actually purchase! This is especially true during the holiday season when stores tend to be overrun with customers who don’t have enough time for in-person shopping.

Create a website that is user friendly by having an uncluttered design. That’s the main take-away design-wise here, folks. Additionally, utilize an approach for each page that prioritizes what matters most and subtly encourages visitors to take ACTION! : )

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