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Our team is still conducting our national, state-by-state survey of SEO agencies that specialize in delivering expert SEO services for lawyers and law firms. Results of that survey should be in by early 2023.

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Are SEO Services for Lawyers Effective?

In short, yes! Let’s find out more, shall we?

Do SEO services for lawyers contribute to rising business?

In the competitive online marketplace of today, for virtually all industries, including law, your website needs to be ranked among the top results while users are searching for what you provide. If you’re not there, simply put, you are left out in the cold.

The SEO for lawyers process begins with an in depth evaluation of the goals of a firm, or single  attorney practice.  What is their target market?  Area of practice?  Thus far, where are the clients coming from?

After trying to figure out what sort of cases the lawyers or their firms would like to generate, a detailed analysis of keyword research is done. In this process, the website will be optimized for the most relevant keywords that the potential client base commonly use while locating attorney on-line. If the website is ranked highly for targeted keywords in Google, then the firm is capitalizing on the tremendous opportunity that organic search provides.

One needs to keep in mind that high visibility on the common search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing is not the one-shot recipe for success. No doubt to the fact that high visibility in organic search is a super important tool for success, but this has to accompanied by compelling web design, and content that will engage your visitors. Lots of moving parts, to be sure.

Not all the SEO companies are the same

They are a plethora of SEO companies out there – many provide a somewhat similar deliverables deck. But here’s the rub – a good share, perhaps the majority of companies, simply do a less than stellar job at delivering the goods.  Further complicating things is that fact that in SEO, a shabby job can actually lead to penalty at the hands of the all-mighty Google.

There are close to 200 parameters and metrics which Google uses to determine the search rankings of your website. And, while Google keeps a close hand on every minute detail, good SEO companies have experts that really do know the terrain.  On the converse, a large percentage of SEO companies do not have these good minds working for them.  So how is a lawyer to navigate this, and make a good SEO decision?

Read the reviews! Check out industry review sources, and also check out the agency’s reviews on Google, Yahoo Local, and other hubs such as Merchant Circle and Yelp.

Common SEO services for lawyers.

  • Keywords analysis- keywords and analytics databases are used to determine the best targets in terms of keywords along with phrases.
  • On-site and off-site SEO – On-site SEO ensures a proper set up, which maximizes the visibility and relevance part of the equation. Simply put, if you’re not optimized on-site, search engine crawlers will not index you for target keywords.
  • In the case of off-site SEO, links along with citations are developed every month to improve the rankings.
  • Content strategy- A proper, well-formulated content strategy is developed, which helps the lawyers to generate the cases which they want.
  • Website analytics- Google analytics are provided, which provide a plethora of information. A clear idea about which referral sources send traffic, which are the search items which were found in the search queries for your website, the most visited pages of your website, how long the visitors are spending on your website and the amount of traffic, etc…

The list goes on and on, but the moral of the story is, you need good SEO! So seek professional help with a reputable agency.  Do not have your cousin Jimmy “doing some SEO”.  Not a good move. Stick to the professionals with good reputations, and you’ll do just fine!

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